"Gear Messiah" is by Alice Duke

See her work on www.epilogue.net





Netbook of Dragonmech (version 0.7) - UPDATED 10 new pages, with quickplay mech skirmish rules! Anyone want to help edit it? The Artillerist, 3 mechs, bunches of new Steam Powers (I am a mechanical engineer after all), and a whole bunch of snippet NPCs. If you want to play the skirmish rules, download the cards: (Skirmish Stats for mechs version 0.7)


Gallery of Inspirational Images - some random, some from Iron Kingdoms, Wizards of the Coast, and Fantasy Flight Games.


Mech+Crew "Charactersheet" (zip)- Takes into account all of the pilot's relevant feats and gives you their combined performance.


28mm scale paper mechs: Here is a simple one that has been rescaled and has some DMech iconic characters added. Future work: 3d Juggernaut (its head) & 3d Jantzer′s Cannon (preview)


The Buried - a proto-dragonmech campaign inspired by the classic computer RPG "Fallout".


Before I′m sued, some homebrew iron-kingdoms paper miniatures (800k), inspired by Patrick Crusiau′s stunning paper miniatures (check out his page for instructions).




Goodman Games - Creators of Dragonmech


Dragonmech Forums


Jim Hartman is my Hero (Uber Model of a Cyrix Slayer, an IK Warmachinewarjack′).